Why Simple Step?

Yes, we’ve built great software and will continue to build great software across sectors with a wide-ranging features.


here’s where we excel:

Hard Skills

  • We specialize in security best-practices regarding architecture and Identity and Access Management (IAM)--including service-to-service communication, internal and external facing APIs, and Single Sign-on
    (OAuth2, OpenID Connect)
  • We automate your application's deployment to the cloud from the outset--following an evidence-based approach to software delivery performance (Note: see our driving guidelines)
    (Google Cloud, Azure, CI/CD, GitOps)
  • We build responsive web (i.e. mobile-friendly) and backend applications
    (Java/Spring, JavaScript/React, PostgreSQL/MongoDB)

Soft Skills

  • We provide honest feedback as to what we think is your best options are
  • We discuss whether or not we're right for your journey
  • We communicate and love to work closely with development teams to maximize their potential


“Simple Step has delivered beyond our expectations…I can’t recommend Stephen enough” ~ Kurt, Benefits by Design

“…an absolute pleasure to work with….reliable, communicative, and fully dedicated to project success…a keen eye for creative solutions” ~ Tyler, Domain7

“I was hopeless. And this is when Stephen came. He made sure he [understood] what I [wanted] to do…he wasn’t focusing on winning the job…It’s all about his genuine interest…helping me find a way out. Stephen is professional and definitely put his heart on the job. He communicates clearly on what to expect out of his work. He knows his field well and also went above and beyond…I am a super happy client. I won’t blink twice to hire him again in the future.” ~ Patricia, Aharya