Simple Step Solutions Simple Step

We help organizations assess, plan, build, and maintain their software with IAM-based architectures and evidence-based approaches to software delivery performance

Why us?

Is this you?

  • dissatisfied with Software or SaaS offerings out there
  • hoping to integrate systems without compromising on privacy or security
  • spending time and money fixing security issues after launch.
  • unsure that your small engineering team understands security best-practices
  • nervous about data exposure
  • curious how proper Identity and Access Management (IAM) can lead to more easily extensible applications and reduce future security issues
  • eager to release your application upon the very first code push rather than months down the road
  • looking for a way to quickly build or extend software that is secure, extensible, and cost-effective
  • searching for a personable technology leader to work with your team for a time to set a course to success.
Let us help!