Morocco, here we come!

Morocco, here we come!

We’ve been invited to speak this November at Devoxx Morocco 2019.

Taking Spring Boot to Kubernetes with Jenkins X

Jenkins X (not to be confused with Jenkins) is an open source solution for CI/CD on Kubernetes. Rather than leaving CI/CD to be an afterthought, Jenkins X provides you with a working, opinionated, CI/CD solution out of the gate with cool features like Preview Environments. You don’t need to understand Kubernetes to get started with Jenkins X but we’ll look under the covers to see some of how it’s leveraging Kubernetes. In this talk we’ll explore some of the options Jenkins X provides and, since it moves so fast, we’ll explore the latest features and directions it is taking.

At Simple Step Solutions, evidence-based approaches to software delivery performance are very important to us. We’re excited for the opportunity to share our expertise in this area with others.

Stephen Founder of Simple Step.
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